on November 24, 2009
Already being Windows 7 user huhu..
Will review the Operating system later..
now packing my bags and bye-bye Kuala Lumpur and Hello Perak and Penang huhu...

Screenshots of Windows 7

doakan dipermudahkan perjalanan saya sekeluarga ye :D

on November 23, 2009
Its already 12.00am (actually a lil bit late la)
23 November is the day,
The day full of happiness and nervous for a married couple to become a parent.
A baby was born in 23 November 1991.
Their eldest son was a boy and they name it.
The name was full of meaning.
They gave their love,money,and all those things that the parents have that needed to raise the child.

It's not easy to raise that boy, The parents sacrificed many things for their boy to lead a better life
Better than them when they were young.
They never regret it
They always pray for that boy
They never regret of him and always pray for his wealth, health and future

Ya Allah, aku memohon kepada mu. Kau jadikanlah hambamu ini seorang hamba yang Soleh dan berikanlah keselamatan, kesihatan, dan rezeki kepada keluarga kami. Jauhkanlah segala bencana dan selamatkanlah kami dari azab api neraka. Ampunkanlah dosa kami dan dekatkanlah kami kepadaMu agar dapat kami ke syurgamu Ya Allah.

Today, I officially become 18 years old man.
18 is not just a number that use to count my age.
It's a set of vision for me to become a good man.
I'll do my best to make my parent happy and I'll try sacrifice myself for all things like what they have done for me.

Thanks Abah & Ibu, I luv u all so much..
Can't live without u..

P/s: sorry for an extremely broken english, Ill do my best to improve it. Thanks to Vno_Carly for helping me with the post :D

It's been two days we had our school holiday yahooooo....
First of all, Happy Holiday to everyone :D
This holiday, I'll have my family day in PENANG and this is the first time I'm stepping my feet to that Nasi Kandar heaven huhu...
Hope I'll get some great experience there huhu..

Anyway, what will u do this holiday?
I've just bought a phone in Lowyat.net but my luck was not with that phone.(so sad)

Motorola V635

It's a tough phone on the outside cause using metal for the casing..
1.3MP camera with LED flash makes me wanted to have it.

It cost me RM60 for the phone but like I said, my luck wasn't with this phone
Because of my curious attitude, I dissamble my phone by my own but because of carelessness huhu..
The phone break into two huaaaa!!!
The ribbon thats connect the LCD,Camera, and Speaker cant be use anymore huaaa!!!
Thank god I still got another phone for calling and sms huhu (what a relief) My Nokia 6030

Nokia 6030

 It's a good phone eventhough it is so classic :P
One of the best phone for sms huhu, Calling was extremely great because the speaker is superloud.
Even people around you can hear your conversation (no privacy la pulok) wakaka...

Yesterday, my Nokia 6030 got a new friend huhu..
Samsung GT-E1080T had been my main phone for now.
It is a simple phone but fits me well.
It's slim, got a torch light for my repair works, loud alarm speaker, etc.
I got it with a purchase of Samsung ST-45. It's a digital camera that have powerful feature.
I love both of those gadget.
My parents bought the camera because wanna replace my old Casio Exillim Z-1050.
The Exillim lens got stucked and been sent to the Service centre for a month but we wanted to use a camera for our holiday huhu.. So we decide to replace the camera for a while and will sell either Samsung or the Casio huhu... anyone interested.

Samsung GT-E1080T


Samsung ST-45 (RED)


Casio Exillim Z-1050 (sent to SC for repair huaaa)

on November 4, 2009
Today my class have to attend a seminar about Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Auditorium DBKL. (Tingkat 30 tu..)
Going there by KTM huhu.. I can't recall back when was the last time I'm using this kind of public transport haha..
We have to sit there for 3 hours I think :P
We have been chosen to compete with 12 other school using our idea by solving a problem as a social entrepreneur huhu... Have to do Brainstorming to find the problem arghh.. so tensed..
After seminar we have makan-makan and I met a girl from Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Lumpur, kinda cute person haha.. but not interested making love ok. Friend ok.. but because of me blur at that time she juz talk alone and I'm act like I'm listening to her. So kesian for that girl.

After makan-makan, what do u think happen.....

Balik la apa lagi haha.. but something funny happen when we wait for the lift to go up to 30th floor.
We keep waiting the lift about 20 minute and fed up for the lift and decide to go down by stair from 30th floor to 25th but at the end we go down from 30th to the lobby.. argh.. so tired la..
Our kaki are shivering and we rest at the lobby for a couple of minute and had another walk to Sogo cause the bus stand is there hehe.. again using our shivering leg,(so sad) we have to stand up in the bus and feels like riding a Roller Coaster because the bus also shivering with us haha..

At home, after Solat Maghrib. Open up my bag and WoW!!!
with a dissapointed face, I finish up my Pengajian Perniagaan homework..
so dissapointed cause the work is so banyak.. Its already 1 o'clock and I still can manage to finish it haha..
Still hav some spare time to blogging wakaka... my time my rules:D

Cheese everyone :D

The Menara DBKL

So starting from now, things to do:

  • Set up a plan for the competition cause we will representing our school for that competition.

  • Make a revision for my final exam
  • Finish up all assignments
  • Think about jamuan kelas

So tireeeedddd!!!!

on November 1, 2009
Today is another blur day for me... I lost my focus on everything for no reason.. I keep laying around on my bed and playing C&C Yuri Revenge.. one of the best classic game ever, never boring playing it huhu...

Starting 6.11.09-16.11.09, i'll be sitting my final exam... argh tension with all those books..
My notes are gone.. Thanks to my carelessness huhu... I dunno where it is.
Still searching for it but I dun think its here. I think it stay nicely in my class but I already search for it at my desk but dunno where it goes.. Maybe my classmate had it, I hope..

In the evening, my familly and me went to GIANT Batu Caves. My target is buying new stationaries for my exam but my target had a long U-turn and I end up buying a shirt xP..
Dun ask me to upload the pic cause my memory card reader got problem (so sad)
luv it, thanks to bonda & ayahanda for it huhu...
Thank god my parent dunno about my exam, but I'll tell them before it start huhu..
Hoping for a blessing :D

Oklah, thats all for today. I'm sorry for my broken english(sad again) and not being a good storyteller. Still improving it :P
Bye for now, Assalamualaikum(forgot to say this earlier haha...)