on July 15, 2010
looks delicous isnt it :D
on July 11, 2010
My MUET result, huh...

As stated, I have to repeat back my MUET because I'm not satisfied with the results.
I got band 3 for MUET and some of my friends says that I should be grateful with the results because It is the minimum requirement to apply any art stream course.
Still, I think band 3 will not help me because the competition is not easy like the way it was in past. People nowadays are so intelligent and if you late for just a second you'll lose.
The Principal ask all of us to retake the exam because the results was so-so.
About retaking the exam, there is a problem that pop out from my mind.
Should I retake my MUET as School Candidate or I'll retake it as Private Candidate after school.
Because I have not more than 3 month to sit for STPM and to be honest that I'm not ready for STPM because of the school, the teachers, meself huhu..

I tried to list down some pros and cons about me retaking MUET as a school candidate or private candidate.

The Pros n Cons retaking MUET as school candidate:
-I can take my MUET with my fellow d'Pioneerz and it will give me some confidence to speak or write
-I can have a friend to practice my English
-It will be easy to predict what question will out because I got my MUET teacher

-STPM is so near and a lot of training and learning need to be done.
-I'm not so sure that my MUET teacher can give her commitment on teaching us
-Kinda stressful cause I'm not good with this language.

The Pros n Cons retaking MUET as private candidate:
-I'll have a lot of time to improve my English
-I can enter an English class and focus on it
-Can easily target more than band 3

-English class could be costly
-I'll be late on applying UPU for continuing my study
-I might have to enter PLKN because I already delayed my PLKN so I might have to continue it by the end of this year.

So which one should I take? My brain says take as a Private Candidate, but my heart says take as School Student. To be safe, I already take the form for retaking my MUET this October but I didnt fill it up yet because of this. I think I need to do solat Istikharah to choose which one is the best choice. Still I need readers who read this blog give your opinion(ada ke reader huh) on this.

p/s: I'll upload my results slip later cause I left it at school.

on July 4, 2010
It's official, The Brick Phone is mine 117

Before I start, what is "Brick Phone"
Is it an "iBrick" like the picture below?

or this kind of "Brick Phone"?

If you think both of the picture is Brick Phone that I got. Well, sorry wrong answer  118
Because Brick Phone that I meant is not a Brick or an old Handphone which is heavy and hard to keep it in a pocket.

This Brick Phone had improved Nokia's sales and it is one of the best smartphone that available in market.
Got the clue? Ok no more riddles, presenting my Brick Phone


Nokia N95
Some people called it as a Brick Phone because of the shape and the weight of the phone. This phone is using 5MP of Carl Zeiss lens to capture high quality picture and DVD quality videos.
So can snap3 where ever I go. Eventhough most people already dump this beautifully engineered smartphone and change it with higher spec or an iPhone.
This phone still rock my world hehe...
I know I'm a little bit outdated  by using this phone but hey, ada aku kesah :P.
It's my phone anyway hehe..
Btw, this phone was a gift from Abah cause he already bought himself an iPhone 3GS and I kinda adore this phone when the first time Abah bought it.
Because I know alot of exciting things can be done with this smartphone and it also can imitate most of the function in iPhone.
I already downloaded some songs and upgrade the firmware for this phone but still stuck on signing some apps because of some security reason.

To do list for Nokia N95(Brick Phone)
-Change the housing = prefering White or Black
-Buy a case for it
-Finding the ways to signed the apps so it can be install into my Brick Phone easily
-Utilize the phone so it can be my mini laptop
-Buy a Micro SD 8GB
-Seek Mr. Nu'man for servicing the phone.
-Install Garmin XT to use the A-GPS function.

Can anyone help me on signing those applications? Pleaaaassseeee....(cute mode activated)