on December 15, 2010
Watch this!!!

To be Continued.....
on December 2, 2010
SMKBM is already a sayonara for me and all d'pioneerz actually.
Well we need to say sayonara early cause we have our exams as a guest candidates in SEMERA(Sekolah Menengah Raja Ali).
Well, I'm not writing about my feeling on going away from that school rite now, later maybe.
Juz wanna share about how did I do in my STPM.
Well, there's still 2 papers to go then I'm free from this 1 and a half year of waiting.
Next papers is Pengajian Am Kertas 1 and Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1. There is 1 week of gap for both paper so I think I can do my best on reading to score both paper.
23rd of November is a start for us to show the world(world sangat2 :P ) about our performance for 1 and a half year of studying in living hell haha..
Luckily d'Pioneerz come to rescue and shower up the hell and create a small heaven for us to live :P
23rd November is also my birthday and congrats to me for born on that day haha...
We start our opening paper by Pengajian Am Kertas 2 and it goes day by day and today Nabil,Azri and Atierah took their History Paper 2 and this trio didn't make their stupid faces  after that paper, so I made a conclusions that they can answer it well huhu...
I got no paper today but I'm going there to support them as a friend :) .
I already sms almost everyone to join me but two responses from Liyana and Rini but Rini wanna sambung her sleep. So I and Liyana waiting at SEMERA and study for P.am but Liyana were totally "pening lalat" when she opens P.am book. So she let me study alone with P.am and she open up her B.Melayu book haha..

How's my STPM?
Hurm.. At first, I really dun have any feeling for exams actually. I didn't feel any fear of exams, not feeling afraid, nervous, worry and other stuff that negatively happen when you sit for big exams. The only thing that I feel is feeling nothing. Juz went into the Exam Room and answer, then out from the Exam Room without feeling guilty, or worry, or other thing eventhough I kinda skip one or two question because of the time or I have no idea what it is lol...
But when time pass I do feel that I'm having my exam a lil bit huhu...

23/11(Morning)- Pengajian Am Kertas 2
I'm zero, not on knowledge but on feeling. I did missed one question about drawing the pie chart, but didnt feel anything about it.

24/11(Morning)- Pengajian Perniagaan Kertas 1
Same feeling as yesterday, But this time I'm a little bit happy cause rini said that J.E.R.I is the answer for I dun remember the question but that's the answer :P

24/11(Afternoon)- Bahasa Malaysia Kertas 2
The only thing that I worried the most for this paper is to see Cikgu Rosliza being sad for my result cause she's already set her target for me to score A's. But once again I'm not worried about it for myself . sheeshh... Sorry cikgu, A mungkin dalam tangan kalau saya banyak idea untuk karangan :(

25/11(Afternoon)- Mikroekonomi
When it comes to Microeconomic, I do feel a little bit worry but not nervous on sitting that papers, dunno why but it's true. I worried and ask Nabil to teach me Microeconomics and what do u know, Nabil really is a great teacher haha.. I do feel like a "Tadika Menengah" student cause he teach me like a kindergarden kids but it works hahaha...
Dun get me wrong, I believe that he do it like that just to make it more interesting.

After Micro, Macro comes to town. I did ask Cikgu Mardziah to come to school and give her last lesson about economy and hey what do u know, 98% of what she talked at us before the exams are in the paper haha.. Rugi yang lain tak datang :P Study group with d'Pioneerz did an excellent job cause almost everything that they said are ghosting in my mind haha... their voices kept circling around my head and I remember the formulas,the facts,etc :D

30/11(Morning)- Pengajian Perniagaan Kertas 2
Before I took this paper, I did a late night reading and thanks to Allah cause all thing that I read are in. Hooray for me :P
I go to sleep at 11pm and use 2 phones, 1 laptop, and one online alarm to wake me up haha...
but 1 phone already did the job. I wake up at 2.30am and read until 4.30am and continue my sleep at 5 or 5.30 something cause I cant sleep :(
But it's worth it :D

6/12(Afternoon)- Pengajian Am Kertas 1
Feel the same as the other day but today its totally awesome :P
The question is quite easy so Insya-Allah I can pass.
Well, history students already shouts MERDEKA!! after Pengajian Am Kertas 1 paper and started teasing us(Bahasa Melayu Student) cause we still stucked with STPM.
Btw, its raining on that day and after the rain stop. We had a moment with SEMERA students by snapping some shots together :D

Well I'm happy :D

Next Paper will be:
15/12(Afternoon)- Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1
Same day as the other day, nothing special happen but I do startin to miss all d'Pioneerz because we cant met each other like the regular days :(

Pray for the best :D