on October 31, 2009
Salam 1 Malaysia buat yang bakal melayari blog ni... (dengan penuh berharap )
Hurm mesti tertanya-tanya kenapa tajuk dia "Starting it all over again"? (tertanya la sangat)
sebabnya sebelum ni blog pernah hidup untuk jangka masa yang sangat singkat..
Cause at that time, I'm totally a n00b (an alternate spelling for “newbie,” which refers to an inexperienced person).

Ok let me describe meself,
Name: Juz call me HaritH.
Thats my middle name huhu..

Age: Hurm, right now I'm studying in Form6(Lower 6). A clue for an

Why do you blogging (betul ke grammar ni ) : Wanna try something new and some of my friends ask to.
Actually, I'm no good in writing and I feel sorry to you
guys cause reading something terribly boring in this blog
. Juz loook at this post, I feel boring by myself haha..

A hope from this blog: Wanna share something from my mind and my experience cause I
believe if we share something to others right now, You'll get something better
in the future. sheesh.. I feel silly typing those words

Oklah, thats all for this first post. It takes an hour to write this entry (No idea for the intro la)
Hoping for readers to read my blog haha.. Support me ok. I'll do my best in blogging..
If there are any mistake or opinion u wan to say. Juz share it to me ok huhu..
Thats all for my first posting, wait for my next post ok huhu..