on December 15, 2010
Watch this!!!

To be Continued.....
on December 2, 2010
SMKBM is already a sayonara for me and all d'pioneerz actually.
Well we need to say sayonara early cause we have our exams as a guest candidates in SEMERA(Sekolah Menengah Raja Ali).
Well, I'm not writing about my feeling on going away from that school rite now, later maybe.
Juz wanna share about how did I do in my STPM.
Well, there's still 2 papers to go then I'm free from this 1 and a half year of waiting.
Next papers is Pengajian Am Kertas 1 and Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1. There is 1 week of gap for both paper so I think I can do my best on reading to score both paper.
23rd of November is a start for us to show the world(world sangat2 :P ) about our performance for 1 and a half year of studying in living hell haha..
Luckily d'Pioneerz come to rescue and shower up the hell and create a small heaven for us to live :P
23rd November is also my birthday and congrats to me for born on that day haha...
We start our opening paper by Pengajian Am Kertas 2 and it goes day by day and today Nabil,Azri and Atierah took their History Paper 2 and this trio didn't make their stupid faces  after that paper, so I made a conclusions that they can answer it well huhu...
I got no paper today but I'm going there to support them as a friend :) .
I already sms almost everyone to join me but two responses from Liyana and Rini but Rini wanna sambung her sleep. So I and Liyana waiting at SEMERA and study for P.am but Liyana were totally "pening lalat" when she opens P.am book. So she let me study alone with P.am and she open up her B.Melayu book haha..

How's my STPM?
Hurm.. At first, I really dun have any feeling for exams actually. I didn't feel any fear of exams, not feeling afraid, nervous, worry and other stuff that negatively happen when you sit for big exams. The only thing that I feel is feeling nothing. Juz went into the Exam Room and answer, then out from the Exam Room without feeling guilty, or worry, or other thing eventhough I kinda skip one or two question because of the time or I have no idea what it is lol...
But when time pass I do feel that I'm having my exam a lil bit huhu...

23/11(Morning)- Pengajian Am Kertas 2
I'm zero, not on knowledge but on feeling. I did missed one question about drawing the pie chart, but didnt feel anything about it.

24/11(Morning)- Pengajian Perniagaan Kertas 1
Same feeling as yesterday, But this time I'm a little bit happy cause rini said that J.E.R.I is the answer for I dun remember the question but that's the answer :P

24/11(Afternoon)- Bahasa Malaysia Kertas 2
The only thing that I worried the most for this paper is to see Cikgu Rosliza being sad for my result cause she's already set her target for me to score A's. But once again I'm not worried about it for myself . sheeshh... Sorry cikgu, A mungkin dalam tangan kalau saya banyak idea untuk karangan :(

25/11(Afternoon)- Mikroekonomi
When it comes to Microeconomic, I do feel a little bit worry but not nervous on sitting that papers, dunno why but it's true. I worried and ask Nabil to teach me Microeconomics and what do u know, Nabil really is a great teacher haha.. I do feel like a "Tadika Menengah" student cause he teach me like a kindergarden kids but it works hahaha...
Dun get me wrong, I believe that he do it like that just to make it more interesting.

After Micro, Macro comes to town. I did ask Cikgu Mardziah to come to school and give her last lesson about economy and hey what do u know, 98% of what she talked at us before the exams are in the paper haha.. Rugi yang lain tak datang :P Study group with d'Pioneerz did an excellent job cause almost everything that they said are ghosting in my mind haha... their voices kept circling around my head and I remember the formulas,the facts,etc :D

30/11(Morning)- Pengajian Perniagaan Kertas 2
Before I took this paper, I did a late night reading and thanks to Allah cause all thing that I read are in. Hooray for me :P
I go to sleep at 11pm and use 2 phones, 1 laptop, and one online alarm to wake me up haha...
but 1 phone already did the job. I wake up at 2.30am and read until 4.30am and continue my sleep at 5 or 5.30 something cause I cant sleep :(
But it's worth it :D

6/12(Afternoon)- Pengajian Am Kertas 1
Feel the same as the other day but today its totally awesome :P
The question is quite easy so Insya-Allah I can pass.
Well, history students already shouts MERDEKA!! after Pengajian Am Kertas 1 paper and started teasing us(Bahasa Melayu Student) cause we still stucked with STPM.
Btw, its raining on that day and after the rain stop. We had a moment with SEMERA students by snapping some shots together :D

Well I'm happy :D

Next Paper will be:
15/12(Afternoon)- Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1
Same day as the other day, nothing special happen but I do startin to miss all d'Pioneerz because we cant met each other like the regular days :(

Pray for the best :D

on November 8, 2010
It's startin to happen again, but this time I realise it before its happening.
Eventhough it's coming near me but, I think I still have time to plan, just to make sure I'm ready and invicible from it.
Eventhough all clues have been appeared in front of me,
I tried so hard to be an optimist cause the word of "SAYANG".
Because of this word I tried my best for not be me and learn to be others and make them as comfy as possible.
I 'm losing my skills on manipulating people and situations,
juz because I dont wanna judge anybody.
Sacrifice many things in life to make a happy environment and strong bond among us.
But the strings is slowly broken and it shows that sayonara will be the next thing to happen.
Well be prepared HaritH, life is not always like the way that u plan.
Take every experience from the past and learn every single of it. Insya-Allah...

on July 15, 2010
looks delicous isnt it :D
on July 11, 2010
My MUET result, huh...

As stated, I have to repeat back my MUET because I'm not satisfied with the results.
I got band 3 for MUET and some of my friends says that I should be grateful with the results because It is the minimum requirement to apply any art stream course.
Still, I think band 3 will not help me because the competition is not easy like the way it was in past. People nowadays are so intelligent and if you late for just a second you'll lose.
The Principal ask all of us to retake the exam because the results was so-so.
About retaking the exam, there is a problem that pop out from my mind.
Should I retake my MUET as School Candidate or I'll retake it as Private Candidate after school.
Because I have not more than 3 month to sit for STPM and to be honest that I'm not ready for STPM because of the school, the teachers, meself huhu..

I tried to list down some pros and cons about me retaking MUET as a school candidate or private candidate.

The Pros n Cons retaking MUET as school candidate:
-I can take my MUET with my fellow d'Pioneerz and it will give me some confidence to speak or write
-I can have a friend to practice my English
-It will be easy to predict what question will out because I got my MUET teacher

-STPM is so near and a lot of training and learning need to be done.
-I'm not so sure that my MUET teacher can give her commitment on teaching us
-Kinda stressful cause I'm not good with this language.

The Pros n Cons retaking MUET as private candidate:
-I'll have a lot of time to improve my English
-I can enter an English class and focus on it
-Can easily target more than band 3

-English class could be costly
-I'll be late on applying UPU for continuing my study
-I might have to enter PLKN because I already delayed my PLKN so I might have to continue it by the end of this year.

So which one should I take? My brain says take as a Private Candidate, but my heart says take as School Student. To be safe, I already take the form for retaking my MUET this October but I didnt fill it up yet because of this. I think I need to do solat Istikharah to choose which one is the best choice. Still I need readers who read this blog give your opinion(ada ke reader huh) on this.

p/s: I'll upload my results slip later cause I left it at school.

on July 4, 2010
It's official, The Brick Phone is mine 117

Before I start, what is "Brick Phone"
Is it an "iBrick" like the picture below?

or this kind of "Brick Phone"?

If you think both of the picture is Brick Phone that I got. Well, sorry wrong answer  118
Because Brick Phone that I meant is not a Brick or an old Handphone which is heavy and hard to keep it in a pocket.

This Brick Phone had improved Nokia's sales and it is one of the best smartphone that available in market.
Got the clue? Ok no more riddles, presenting my Brick Phone


Nokia N95
Some people called it as a Brick Phone because of the shape and the weight of the phone. This phone is using 5MP of Carl Zeiss lens to capture high quality picture and DVD quality videos.
So can snap3 where ever I go. Eventhough most people already dump this beautifully engineered smartphone and change it with higher spec or an iPhone.
This phone still rock my world hehe...
I know I'm a little bit outdated  by using this phone but hey, ada aku kesah :P.
It's my phone anyway hehe..
Btw, this phone was a gift from Abah cause he already bought himself an iPhone 3GS and I kinda adore this phone when the first time Abah bought it.
Because I know alot of exciting things can be done with this smartphone and it also can imitate most of the function in iPhone.
I already downloaded some songs and upgrade the firmware for this phone but still stuck on signing some apps because of some security reason.

To do list for Nokia N95(Brick Phone)
-Change the housing = prefering White or Black
-Buy a case for it
-Finding the ways to signed the apps so it can be install into my Brick Phone easily
-Utilize the phone so it can be my mini laptop
-Buy a Micro SD 8GB
-Seek Mr. Nu'man for servicing the phone.
-Install Garmin XT to use the A-GPS function.

Can anyone help me on signing those applications? Pleaaaassseeee....(cute mode activated)

on June 30, 2010
Hurm... dunno where to start hehe..
ok I'll start by giving thanks to Allah for sending back my beloved Abah safely from PARIS to MALAYSIA huhu... yeah, he already back from Paris and he also cheated on us by saying that he will be back to Malaysia at 1/7/2010 but suprisingly he arrived to Malaysia at 27 of June and make everyone in this house shock.

 Goodbye Eiffel Tower and Hello KL Tower lol!

The time that my father arrived in front of our gate, I'm still sleeping heavenly cause it's sunday :P and sunday means relax day and wake up late than the usual haha... When Abah give his salam from outside, Ibu started to shout "Bangun semua, Abah dah balik" but me said, "Please ibu harini ahad" lol.. But ibu keep shouting to all her children and I feel like Ibu is telling the truth so I wake up as fast as I can and ergh she's right haha....
Anak2 abah yang disayangi all woke up and with our sleepy face and my lil sister said, "tengah mimpi ke ni". I ask her to pinch her hand and yes it's not a dream haha...
Ok after that great shock abah start his bla3 because wake up late in the morning, the aquarium turns to green,etc3 haha... everyone hear it and no one was angry for it haha...Probably miss his voice :P
When he step his foot inside the house he opened up his bagage and wow I loike lol!..
Souveniers, chocolates, shirts and another thing that Abah suprised us is his new phone.
He slowly open up his small sling bag and said " Jangan marah ye" and show us his new iPhone 3GS 16GB.

iPhone is one of his dream phone and he is excellently happy with his new gadget :D

Me at that time juz aaarrrggghhhh!!! and laugh because he ask me to install some apps, etc. Cause he dont have any idea how to operate that phone 100%, same goes to me. So blur cause Apple always make something different than the other competitor. WTH an expensive phone dont have videocall but that is how they play their strategy on making the others afraid of iPhone.

Ok enough about Abah and thank god that he safely landed to Malaysia and safely home.
Next is about me and my mid year exam, I got 2.59 pointer only (Extremely sad).
Based on my slip, my March paper had 2.59 to so no improvement haish...
The worst thing doesnt stop there, because mid year exams means there will be report card day.
I never like this report card day cause parents will come to school and if the teachers hate you she will pay his/her revenge at the report card day haha...

 Report card day on 29th June 2010

Thank god, not a single teachers make me as their enemy lol..
At first, I dont want my parent to come and take the report card because the results was kinda awful huhu...
But I dunno why, all of sudden I message Ibu and ask her to come. So she come with Abah after took my brother's report card which is worster than me :P. Ok the time Abah and Ibu had their talk with Cikgu Laily, OMG I need an oxygen tank cause she starts attacking me but it's something that is not me. Aiyooo lain cite ni hehe.. after that she starts talking about Malays, about History and starts talking something that is kinda nonsense. I'm not blaming her for doing that cause she was not the one who teach me. She did her best on explaining eventhough it's different from me haha... Abah said, you are the only person who will decorate your life and thanks Abah on supporting me eventhough I think I already took the wrong path but hey, if you do your best it might happen to be great(optimistik kekdahnya) hehe...

Next, STPM is coming so near and I dont think my d'Pioneerz family is preparing for their STPM.
I think I need to play my role as the leader for them on making an impact so we all will be motivated. Pray to god so I have the idea and the power to do it. Amin.

Oklah malas nak sambung dah hehe...
btw, I think my english is improving day by day (improve la sangat)
on May 30, 2010
I got this feeling, and it really mess me up.
I think I'm losing, losing everything that I had and it's dissapearing slowly and left a marks which is hurtin me deep inside me heart.

I'm losing my focus, eventhough I'm sitting at a place that I have to give my focus on it everyday.
I'm losing my Friends, eventhough they always sit around me.
I'm losing my soul, always down and down and down....
I'm losing my happiness, It's difficult to smile again and make other people to smile with me without being a hypocrite
I'm losing my time, I hate when this feeling disturb me cause its wasting my time and it effect my life.
I'm losing my apetite, I feel unhealthy and always blackout for all sudden
I'm losing my mind, always hoping for death
I'm losing myself, Until now, I dont know who the hell I am
I'm losing my future, I already see the darkness of my future and it is so dark even a sun cant make it bright.
I'm losing love, I feel empty and sadness all around me
I'm losing supports, It makes me blind
I'm losing hope, I'm not setting any plan for anything cause I know how will it end
I'm losing so many things, and keep saying I'm regretting for becoming me.

What is happening to me? I want my old me back, Wake up, Wake me up, I'm lost. Please Harith what happen. I'm tired for being like this, it's suffocating. I've lost almost everything that I have so please stop it. It's hurtin me bad. I dunno what am I typing here, I want calmness, I dont want this stupid feeling that stealing almost everything that I have. Arrgghhh.. I hope when I write it, it will cool it down a little bit. I hope.
on May 5, 2010
1) Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Hot ke, test sikit psssssssss......

2) Upload wallpaper PC/laptop yang anda guna sekarang!
satu keje nak mengupload benda yang ada kat laptop semua orang haha.. Windows 7 default theme

3) Cerita pasal gambar
Gambar itu wujud apabila Win7 diinstall (boleh ke camni??)

4) Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza
sebelum abah gi Paris, kenapa tanya?? nak join hehe...

5) Lagu terakhir anda dengar
Lagu yang keluar dari mulut sendiri haha...

6) Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
- sy sedang berYM ngan skandalicious saya
-sy sedang mengantuk yang amat sangat
-sy sedang berhadapan dengan Lenovo saya haha...

7) Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil nama apa?
saya budak skem, takde nama samaran haha...

8) Tag 8 org..
saya tak berjaya menjawab soalan ini dengan baik haha...

1) Tee Ngin Rui
2) Iz

3) Khairah Nazurah

4) Rini Ariyanti

5) Azri
6) Redzuan
7) Atierah

8)Nabil Iqbal

9) Siapakah orang num 1 kepada anda?
Kawan meroyan saya haha.. she's chinese and love Lee Min Ho

10)Katakan sesuatu mengenai orang num 5.
Pegi jumpa doktor la, nak tunggu nazak ke baru nak jumpa

11) Num 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
My scandolicious muahaha.... Sila jangan jeles

12) Bagaimana pula dengan num 4?
Naib Presiden MPPPU hohoho... dun play3 ha...

13) Pesanan buat orang num 6.
Be strong and dont ponteng2 haha..

15) Adakah num 7 n 8 mempunyai persamaan.
Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhirnya...

16) Berikan 5 yang anda tahu mngenai org yg tag anda.
Khairah Nazurah atau Lady K,
Ketinggian dirahsiakan,
Tahap kecomelan : so cute,
Bijak n Smart,
Jangan tegur kalau dia hampir berjaya habiskan nasinya jika lauk sudah habis,
Manusia yang "Ikut resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk"

17) Persamaan antara kambing dan lembu.
Kenapa perlu disamakan lembu dengan kambing? Kenapa tak samakan dengan Bab1 hahaha...

18) Perasaan anda buat tag nih.
Ini adalah tag pertama yang pernah saya kena kalau saya tidak salah

19) Adakah anda tahu si Rizman tu sengal?
Saya rasa memang rizman adalah manusia yang sengal kerana kalau dalam drama melayu, Nama rizman untuk orang jahat hahaha....

20) Gay or les?
I'm so gay(happy)  hahaha....
Everybody keep asking me how was your MUET in 24/04/2010, I'm done with my MUET test for Reading, Writing, and Listening. So dont u ever ask about it again hahaha...

Next test is speaking and will be held on 11/05/2010. Wish me luck y'all...


Update for Part two

I'm so relieved that MUET was no more (for now, maybe)
My group got an easy question but me and the others was so nervous about it and the talk was a disaster.
We finish our conversation in short time, even the examiner was so tak puas hati because of leaving early. Some says, the examiners was unhappy because at starts everybody was doing fine but when it comes to group conversation it turns into disaster. Everyone extremely nervous and had a long pause.
After finishing our Speaking test, khaira ask everyone to gather all d'Pioneerz and we had some snacks that been sponsored by khaira haha...
It's Maggi time, yeah we had Maggi Kari for snack and we all had some quality time together. It's a memory to remember.

Maggi uniting people :P

Just upload this picture only, cant upload the others cause need their permission first hehe...
on April 20, 2010
As stated, that was the word that makes me feel terribly down.
This saturday at 24/04/2010, I will sit for MUET papers which is Listening, Reading & Writing. While Speaking will be held on 11/05/2010.
Honestly said, I'm not ready on taking this exams.
People around me are hoping for me to get higher than band 3 and it's really tense me up.
When I do some writing practice, it will take more than 1 hour on interpreting non linear into a linear text.
That is a waste of time and sometimes I can't even finish the practice cause I don't know what to do, what to focus, which one should be first, which one should be last, how to make it in an average points, what can be focus on an overview, etc.. etc.. Lastly I will be extremely depressed with myself and..........(can't write it in here or my blog will banned)...
Anyone who's taking MUET this Saturday could you give me some tips on Writing??
I'm freakingly angry with myself cause I dont feel any worry on this MUET like I can excellently do it.
But the reality is, I cant. I need an environment that can make me learn and focus 100% at my work.
In class, I cant focus on a single thing there is a lot of problems will keep playing around my head and it effects my work.
Why cant I be like the others who can score a lot of A's and make the whole family proud and have a better life???
I think, I have to repeat MUET. Such a waste of time aaargghh....
on April 8, 2010
Dear Blog,
3rd April was a new life to me and my family, new lifestyle, new routine, new everything. All the new things happen because Abah have to work outstation which is thousand miles away from Malaysia. It's not the first time Abah left us for an outstation, He had been posted in several places before, but this time its different from the past. This time he have to leave his native Malaysia and spent his days at the Eiffel Tower country for 3 month. For 3 month, I will automatically become the leader of the family and its not easy cause I still studying in Form 6. I have to work on something about banking, about groceries, sending my sisters to school, about schools, about their homework and my assignment, about my own routine, being stricter and fierce, etc.. etc.. etc.. It looks like there are lots of chores to do but actually I already fine with this environment cause sometimes I'm stricter than Abah and fierce to all my brothers and sisters. Abah feel a lil bit excited about being post to Paris, maybe because its once a lifetime opportunity to go there. But as usual, it's not easy to see him excited cause he always try to make it as silent as it can. My family and I had sent him to the airport and when the moment of saying goodbye, I amazed with my youngest sister who is still young and she doesnt cry until Abah went down the escalator and she started crying to Ibu. I think she dont want Abah to feel sad or something, good girl hehe.. Abah said his flight takes 13 hours of direct flying from Malaysia to Paris, I wonder how tired it is to sit down and wait for 13 hours. Personally, I feel really worry about him going to Paris cause of his illness. He had cold, fever and cough before his leaving Malaysia and I also worry about his foot because he have pain at his leg and it will really painful if he have to walk on a long distance. Pray to god for his wellness.

Another thing that will happen in this April is M.U.E.T
MUET or Malaysian University English Test will be held in the middle of April and it really makes me feel extremely afraid with it cause I'm not fully ready for having test. I'm good at this language once before SPM but I dont know how or why it slowly dissapear from my brain. I still can read in english but I dont have the power to speak or write in English. It really makes me feel terrible for myself. In MUET, you will be having test which is Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. I think I still can pass the Reading and Listening paper eventhough a teacher said to me that Listening paper is the hardest paper to get many marks from it. Most students get below than Ten and it mean sucks. Still, listening is not the paper that I will make as priority. The paper that scared me the most is Speaking and Writing. In Speaking, I always being numb when speaking out ideas. Maybe because less of confidence or feel extremely nervous. I remembered the first time I had my Speaking test last year, I'm stuttering and a lot of "erm" and "aaah" word rather than ideas When I sat at the chair and read the question, my head will be blank like there is no light to help me finding some ideas to speak out. The only sentence that I fluently can speak is "Good morning to teachers and all candidates, my ideas for bla.. bla... is bla.. bla.." until I have nothing to talk. Still have two weeks before the MUET test and I have to prepare myself for the current issues so I'll have the ideas to answer the Speaking and Writing paper. Ya Allah,  berikanlah aku keyakinan dan minda yang luas untuk menduduki ujian kali ini Ya Allah. Amin.
on April 1, 2010
At last, 1 and half week of headache cause of the test.
Thank god, It's finished.
The closing paper was Mikro/Makroekonomi and I think I already tried my best, thanks Kayra and others for helping me in learning back old topics.
Along those weeks, I've discovered a drama episode named GLEE
I'm always love on hearing musics especially when people sings together like HSM(High School Musical), Camp Rock,etc. It likes when you hear their singing, you will feel energize or moving with the flow. It always makes me want to follow their lead on singing and sing along with them.
It reminds me on me joining and led a choir in SMK Batu Muda for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Its an excellent feel when you gather around and sing with different notes of voice and I miss them damn much. I really hope that I can bring back the moment again just like what Will Schuester want to do in GLEE's. I remember when my old voice which is a lot bigger and my choir teacher said my voice was similar to IL DIVO's singer
I think what had he told me was true, because after I replay back the record, I heard my voice imitate the singers quite well but still need to polish it so it can shine like IL DIVO's. Sadly, now my voice is not bigger than the past but stable, cause when I sing it doesnt easily sore. I remember leading the choir and still proud of it wakaka.. (jangan jeles ok).  We sang 3 songs, the first one was Standing In The Eyes of the World-Ella, second is Solo Otra Vez (All by Myself)-Il Divo and last one was Dancing Queen by ABBA. The songs still whizzing around my head and sometimes I sing it alone while walks or humming it when exams oops :P

Still miss big applause from the crowds and the excitement of singing and dancing together. I hope I could try and make it again, I think I will

Ok, enough with my past. Let's talk about the GLEE.
The meaning of GLEE is being delight or jubilant.
Glee is a story about a teacher who was a performer in his high school, want to bring back his pomp into the new era. Its an exciting drama and it doesnt looks like the High School Musical which is so immature. It's also stories about the underdog become better and its a story that I recommended you to watch

After you watch it, I think you will starts finding their OST because all of them are talented and should be consider as the new comers that will shine in the industry.

glued to glee?
ur glee'd!

P/s: I reccomended this drama doesnt mean I'm maniac with this ok. hahaha...
on March 21, 2010
Masih ingatkah anda pada peserta Mentor yang merupakan Protege kepada Ning Baizura.
Beliau juga pernah berganding dengan Nikki dan Ning Baizura dalam persembahan di Anugerah Era pada tahun 2005 untuk lagu berjudul DRAMA.
Beliau adalah Yanie atau nama sebenarnya Siti Suriane Julkarim
Bagi yang tidak mengenali beliau, lihat gambarnya di link ini >> Yanie

Sekitar jam 6 petang, Harith terbaca sebuah blog terkemuka yang menyatakan kembalinya seorang bintang ke Rahmatullah. Yanie atau nama sebenarnya , menghidapi ketumbuhan pada paru-paru selama empat bulan di Hospital Keningau,Sabah. Berita ini disahkan oleh Ning Baizura setelah dia mendapat berita daripada suami arwah (Sumber daripada Klubkidd).

Selepas berkahwin, Yanie terus senyap dari industri dan harini dapat berita macam ni. Huh sedihnya...
Buat pembaca yang beragama Islam, sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham dan ucapan Takziah dari Harith Say's, semoga rohnya dirahmati oleh yang Maha Esa, Insya-Allah.


Jenazah Allahyarham akan dikebumikan berhampiran kediaman keluarganya di Tanah Perkuburan Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu pada tengah hari ini, sebagai kesempatan kepada keluarga terdekat untuk memberikan penghormatan terakhir kepada Allahyarham.

on March 16, 2010
It's already 13 years since I left the kindergarten.
Lots of memories and still fresh in my mind. I still can remember almost every moment of it . I had my kindergarten in TABIKA KEMAS Kampung sri batu, Kuala lumpur. I learn a lot of things I remember when two japanese teachers come to our kindergarten and teach us to make origami's. I still remember on how to make a butterfly origami and sometimes I remember on how to make the Penguins.

I still remember on rangers that visits our kindergarten and told us some stories and we also make his jeep almost broke down , actually I'm not involve in broking down the jeep cause I just sit and watched them talking and playing eventhough that was the first time I saw a Jeep in front of my eyes. While the others playing inside and outside of the jeep. As usual, when all of them gather. They must have a topic to show off, I still remember my old friend Fahmi arrogantly spoke to others that his uncle had bigger jeep rather than the rangers had . Then another person will counter back what had the others told until suddenly, the jeep went backwards and almost hit a flag pole . Thank god there was a divider that stops the Jeep from hitting the flag pole and no one was playing behind the Jeep. Because of their naughtiness, all of them had been caned and most of them were crying out loud .

I also remember that I celebrate my birthday in that kindergarten , It was an ice-cream cake. That was the first time I tasted an ice-cream cake and thanks to Abah and Ibu for giving me that experience. I remember most of my friends been extra nice to me so I can share with them some candy's . I received a story book from my teacher and I read it almost everyday but the book had already gone (So sad sob.. sob..). It's something to remember and I'll kept it deep inside my mind.

I found my first cinta monyet in that kindergarten . I secretly couple with her . Her name is Fatin if I'm not mistaken (haiyaa already forgot her name). I always accompanied her so she will not alone while waiting her mother to take her home. She is my teacher's son and I was known as a gentleman person wakaka.. It's terribly makes me giggle when I recall back that time .

I still remember the first time I saw a snake. Actually it was a cobra and I accidently hit the cobra by bike . I remember at that time, I bike so fast cause I raced with my fellow friends and as usual the winner is . The next day, when I went to school, I saw the cobra was flat on the ground . I just cant think how many vehicles had hit that poor cobra ...

I still remember on a trip to the zoo, My family was also joined the trip and again the kids that had been to the zoo will arrogantly talked about she or he had been there bla..bla..bla but it's fun to be with them. I remembered at lunch we had our KFC's at Ulu yam. I really hope I could bring back the memories and be happy like I was used to.

I still remember on how I got number one in everything . In exams I got A's straight, In sport I seldom lose to my friend, I still remember when I win pertandingan mengaji, I remember I win the nasyid antara Tabika. In kindergarten, I always a winner ...
I still remember when I win in pertandingan mengaji I brought back one big hamper and a big present box all by myself and I walked with it to home . I still remember when ibu can't manage to come there eventhough its near but I never take it seriously, I always think she might need some rest or she was busy with my little brother.

It's a memories to remember, so to all parents out there. Give your son some space to grow, stop treat them like a machine eventhough a kid can absorb knowledge easily like a sponge.

P/s: Tak sangka boleh ingat semuanya huhu...

on March 14, 2010
Everybody's always talking at me
Everybody's trying to get in my head
I wanna listen to my own heart talking
I need to count on myself instead

Did you ever?
Loose yourself to get what you want
Did you ever?
Get on a ride and wanna get off
Did you ever?
Push away the ones you should've held close
Did you ever let go?
Did you ever not know?

I'm not gonna stop, that's who I am
I'll give it all I got, that is my plan
Will I find what I lost?
You know you can
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it
(Bet on me)
I wanna make it right, that is the way
To turn my life around, today is the day
Am I the type of guy who means what I say?
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it

How will I know if there's a path worth taking?
Should I question every move I make?
With all I’ve lost my heart is breaking
I don't wanna make the same mistake

Did you ever?
Doubt your dream will ever come true
Did you ever?
Blame the world and never blame you
Chorus: I will never
Try to live a lie again
I don't wanna win this game if I can't play it my way

I'm not gonna stop, that's who I am
(Who I am)
I'll give it all I got, that is my plan
(That's my plan)
Will I find what I lost?
You know you can
(You know you can)
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on me

I wanna make it right, that is the way
To turn my life around, today is the day
Am I the type of guy who means what I say
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it

Oh,Hold up
Give me room to think
Bring it on down
Gotta work on my swing
Gotta do my own thing
Hold up

It's no good at all
To see yourself and not recognize your face
Out on my own, it's such a scary place

The answers are all inside of me
All I gotta do is believe

I'm not gonna stop
Not gonna stop 'til I get my shot
That's who I am, that is my plan
Will I end up on top?
You can bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it
You can bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it

I wanna make it right, that is the way
To turn my life around, today is the day
Am I the type of guy who means what I say
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it

You can bet on me

Artist: Zac Efron (High School Musical 2)
Title: Bet On It
on February 27, 2010
I'm a winner haha... U got it rite..

Saturday,20/2/2010. A moment that makes me feel very excited for me & my team achievement. For the first time i've grabbed a gold medal for sports. Look how loser it is to have a gold medal for the first time hahaha.. Don't get me wrong, I am suck at sports but I'm good at other competition huhu.. In past, I always got the silver or bronze medal rather than gold. This time, I'm changing my history from those silver and bronze platted medal to a shiny but cheap gold platted medal lol.. (sekolah ni bajet sangat haha... )

The match was one of the toughest match because Bendahara's Team had a stronger teammates which is bigger than the other team members.

The match starts at 12.00 noon and the field was so hot until I can feel the ray from the sun burn up my foot. The first round was started by the female team, It's a match between Syahbandar team and Laksamana team. It tooks 3 round to finish the match. First round of the match, Laksamana had defeat the Syahbandar female team. Second and Third round of the match was conquered by the Syahbandar female team huhu.. Can't comment more because at that time I'm busy giving my team some advice and full support as a team leader(cewah). Whatever it is, congrats to the female team. After the female team winning the match, It's time for the male team to hop in to battle for becoming the winner of the match. Same as the female team, it took us 3 round to finish the match. My Syahbandar team was a little bit scared to the Bendahara's because they take less than 60 seconds to defeat the Laksamana team huh.. The first round was an applause to us because we defeat them but it takes more than a minute to tame them haha... The second round was a disaster, Bendahara's do the same strategy as they did to Laksamana. If I'm not mistaken it tooks not more than a minute to defeat us in second round huh. A little bit of dissappointment to us because I think we just being a little bit of proud as a peacock. We think we can tame the Bendahara’s because we already defeat them once. My team was not fully ready because they think they can win that match easily huhu.. But the third round was the best, both team give their full throttle on pulling the rope. It takes more than a minute to finish the game. At first, Bendahara’s use the same strategy like the second round and we were almost lost because the Bendahara’s pulling it stronger than the previous round. It feels like you were pulling a big wild bull to put it into their byre haha... In my mind I always thinking of winning. I just wanted to left something memorable in every event in this school because this will be the last time I could do such things. So I took a deep breath and continously inhale and exhale like a train blowing out the gasses and pull it with all my strength and shout as loud as I can to pull the Bendahara’s down. While I’m pulling the rope, I shout to all my Syahbandar’s some words like “Tarik”, “Kita kuat”, “Cepat”, “Jangan jatuh”, “Ini last jangan kalah” and I’m totally proud with all of them. We win the match and I am extremely satisfied when I saw one of the Bendahara’s fell when he(leader dia plak tu wakaka) pulls the rope wakakka... We had crowned as the Johan Tarik Tali 2010 yipeee.. Kami pegang piala pusingan lagi tau haha... I’ll upload the cheap gold medal later cause got some probs with my memory card reader huhu..

Sorry for my bad english, still improving it.

on February 16, 2010
Seperti tajuk diatas..
Ku ingin menulis tetapi dimana idea yang sepatutnya hadir ketika jejari menekan butang-butang di papan kekunci.
Sedih huhu...
on February 4, 2010
Today, Redz was officially 19, so he is the oldest among The Pioneers(F6 Group) haha..
Dalam entri ni, aku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Lahir.
Semoga dipanjangkan umur,
dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik,
dimurahkan rezeki, 
dan semoga berjaya dalam semua bidang yang dilaksanakan huhu...

For u my friend :D

Happy B'day :D

on February 1, 2010
Salam pada yang membaca...

Tadi baru lepas menjelajah Facebook dan seronok dan gembiranya melihat mereka tersenyum dan gembira dengan suasana yang baru iaitu suasana universiti. Disitu mereka mula belajar erti hidup berdikari yang kononnya sudah tersemat dalam diri. Namun tak lekang juga ada yang mengeluh tanpa henti dengan langkah yang mereka ambil. Sekali lagi aku melihat diri dalam cermin hati, 'betul ke perjalanan yang aku sedang ambil ni?', 'macam mana kalau silap?',  'masa tak boleh kembali seperti yang kita kehendaki'... Pelbagai jenis suara beralun sehalus-halusnya untuk menyatakan keraguan ini. Berdasarkan pencapaian dan diri sendiri di sekolah, rasa seperti tiada nafsu lagi untuk belajar seperti dahulu. Pelbagai spekulasi telah difikirkan dan pelbagai bentuk tuduhan dilakukan. Aku menuduh persekitaran yang tidak serius, Aku tuduh adik-adik aku buat bising menyukarkan ilmu untuk masuk ke minda, aku tuduh diri kaunselor sebab meyakinkan aku untuk menetap bersama, aku tuduh pelbagai perkara, hanya untuk menyedapkan hawa ego yang semakin tinggi dari fikiranku. Sehalus-halusnya ego aku melawan situasi, mendatangkan kesangsian dan keburukan. Tapi aku lupa kenapa aku di sini, di SMK Batu Muda. Sesungguhnya Allah itu maha pengasih dan penyayang. Bukan semua pelajar yang melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat tinggi di Universiti dan Kolej itu hasilnya indah. Terdapat juga segelintir pelajar yang terkena penangan "kejutan budaya" dan semakin terpesong dari agama sendiri. Terdapat segelintir yang menghalalkan yang haram, segelintir yang membunuh sesama sendiri dengan fitnah, segelintir yang mendedahkan keaiban, segelintir yang menyangkal yang benar dan mengagungkan yang dusta. Ada hikmah disebalik perlaksanaan, sepatutnya aku bersyukur kerana masih terselamat dari perkara sebegitu. Alhamdulillah, kumpulan kecil kami yang mengambil STPM tahun ini semuanya matang berfikiran dan Insyallah berjaya ke Menara Gading dengan iltizam yang tinggi. Doakanlah perjuangan kami dalam menduduki ujian dunia ini. Sesungguhnya aku bersyukur kerana berada disini. Di sekian waktu, aku akan berfikir sekali lagi seperti ini dan aku sudah kenal puncanya. Panik puncanya...

Salam buat readers yang sudi meluangkan masa untuk membaca isi di dalam blog yang tidak seberapa ini huhu... Terima Kasih sebab sudi singgah huhu..

Teringat pada zaman sekolah rendah, masih segar dalam ingatan walau sudah bertahun meninggalkannya. Namun mengapa aku kurang merasa rindu dan seronoknya zaman sekolah dahulu? Entahlah...
Sampai hari ini Harith ingat apa yang Norashikin pernah sebutkan, "Dah besar nanti, aku tanak jadi kaya. Sebab bila dah kaya nanti, aku takut aku sombong, bongkak,dsb." Dalam usia setahun jagung kata orang-orang tua, E-kin boleh kata sebegitu. Ada betul apa yang E-kin katakan, kebanyakkan individu yang dikurniakan kekayaan di dunia ini cukup sukar untuk merendah diri. Alhamdulillah pada mereka yang "mengikut resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk" dan moga-moga dilembutkan hati mereka yang angkuh untuk kembali kejalanMu Ya Allah. Sewaktu ayat berkenaan ditiupkan pada telinga, Harith sering berfikir sehingga dewasa kini. Jika dikurniakan aku menjadi kaya, adakah perkara yang sama bakal berlaku? Kerana ujian pada si kaya dunia adalah kekayaan itu sendiri, manakala ujian pada yang fakir adalah pada kedaifannya sendiri.Cukup adil Tuhan menurunkan ujian kepada umatnya. Satu sifat yang aku sendiri takut ialah, tidak pernah cukup dengan satu. Belum menjadi kaya lagi sudah diturunkan dengan ujian ini, Allah maha mengkehendaki dan jika Allah kata Ya, maka Ya merupakan jawapannya. Aku semakin alpa denganmu Ya Allah, kerana inginkan sehalus-halusnya perkara, semakin besar jaraknya aku denganMu. Bersederhanalah dalam melaksanakan sesuatu dan hindarkan sifat mazmummah. Ya Allah, jauhkanlah aku dari anasir-anasir yang mengganggu imanku,akalku,fizikalku, dan Kau jadikanlah aku dalam kalangan orang yang soleh. Amin.

on January 27, 2010
Hikayat Pak Noh Tukang Besi...

Disini teman nak cerita tentang riwayat hidup seorang tukang besi yg dilahirkan di Pasir Panjang Laut, Sitiawan, Perak yang bernama Mohd Nor B. Abdullah atau lebih dikenali sebagai Pak Noh dan dalam kalangan anak-anak muda memanggil Ucu Noh.. Riwayat hidupnya sebagai tukang besi bermula selepas dia berkahwin dgn seorang wanita yg bernama Mardziah Bt. Mat Hisin atau nama lainnya Bee dan terus menetap di Kampung Paloh, Layang-Layang Kiri, Parit , Perak.

Selain bertukang besi, beliau juga bersawah dan menoreh getah. Namanya disebut-sebut disekitar Perak Tengah kerana kepakarannya dalam membuat pisau, golok bersarung berulukan kepala burung, membuat pisau getah dan macam-macam peralatan tajam mengikut permintaan.

Dengan bantuan dari pihak MARA, beliau membina bengkel di depan rumahnya sendiri. Saban hari ada saja orang-orang kampung ataupun kawan-kawannya yg datang untuk membaiki pisau ataupun sengaja datang untuk melihat beliau bertukang sambil berbual-bual kosong. Beliau tak pernah kedekut ilmu, sesiapa saja yg ingin belajar, akan diajarnya.

Beliau bertukang besi sehingga berumur dalam lingkungan 70an. Kesihatan yang tak mengizinkannya utk terus bekerja seperti biasa¸beliau mengidap penyakit kencing manis. Secara perlahan-lahan bertukang besi menjadi kerja sampingannya kerana tidak kuat lagi. Setahun lebih selepas isteri tercinta meninggal dunia, beliau pergi mengadap Ilahi, iaitu pada tanggal 21hb Oktober 2009, pergi untuk selamanya bersama ilmu dan kepakaran di dada.

Berakhirnya riwayat seorang yang bernama Noh Tukang Besi, yang mempunyai banyak ilmu pertukangan besi.


Tulisan : Bonda

<<< Rumah arwah Opah dan Atok

Pak Noh yang disebutkan itu adalah Datuk meha sendiri. Rindu dengan arwah, andai diberi peluang untuk bejumpa lagi. Akan ku peluk seerat2nya kerana kasih akan mereka. Semoga Allah merahmati dan menempatkan arwah dalam kalangan orang-orang yang beriman, Amin
on January 10, 2010
Seminggu sudah meninggalkan Tahun Baru 2010, Stress sudah pun datang kembali untuk menjadi sahabat sepanjang tahun ini. Tak banyak perkara menarik yang berlaku sepanjang minggu pertama ni and banyak pula yang tak seronok tentang minggu ni tapi nak cite yang seronok dulu huhu..

Firstly, bertemu semula ngan 'The Pioneers' hehe.. Rindu la gak haha..

<< Gambar open house tahun lepas huhu

Secondly, Dapat kelas baru haha... hurm tapi kelemahannya ialah kalau duk dalam tu boleh lemau sebab takde ruang pengudaraan yang baik haha..
Nanti lepas redecorate Harith akan snap lagi hehe...

Science student got their new class to huhu.. But Kayra kata kelas tu macam kelas tahanan sebab kecik dan duk 2 orang je haha... Ali, dun noty2 ok hehe..

Thirdly, Harith di paksa jadi Pengerusi rumah sukan Syahbandar haha... kalah la syahbandar haha...
Sorry la syahbandar, takde idea camna nak create kemenangan dari korang but I'll do my best.

Forth, Isnin haritu kami semua telah ke kota untuk mencari baju uniform F6 dan nampaknyya tak semua jumpa baju tu termasuk Harith sendiri tak jumpa baju haha.. but the best thing is we had our first lunch in 2010 at SOGO food court (Lunch ke kalau dah pukul 5 lebih haha), the Sizzling was so cair and kurang memuaskan tapi oleh kerana semua dah lapar bantai je haha... I'll update the pic later sebab kamera fara huhu..
Ok habis benda yang menyeronokkan.

Perkara yang kurang menarik sepanjang seminggu pertama ialah:-
-Exam akan diadakan pada minggu ke 3 bulan ini.
-Tertekan dengan nota dan lambat habis silibus.
-Peraturan di sekolah bertambah ketat dan semakin menyusahkan, bukan kerana tak boleh ikut tapi melampau.
-Seoang guru telah disisihkan ke tingkatan 4.
-Dilema untuk menambah IT ke dalam list STPM atau lupakan IT dan berhijrah dari minda IT kepada Minda Bisnes.

Hurm, tak bape ingat plak apa yang berlaku kat sekolah haha.. apa2pun doakan Harith berjaya dalam semua perkara yang Harith lakukan hehe..


p/s: kenapa tak tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris? kerana Harith tak punya masa yang cukup untuk menulis dalam bahasa inggeris. (Sebab still merangkak dengan english huaaaa...)
on January 2, 2010
Entri kali ini berbahasa Malaysia..

Pertama sekali Harith nak ucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru buat semua yang mengunjungi blog yang hidup segan mati jangan ni.

Setahun sudah berlalu dan pelbagai perkara, cerita, peristiwa dan sebagainya telah mengisi kekosongan 2009. Dari masa ke semasa manusia menimba sesuatu yang baru dan pelbagai pengalaman dan ilmu dapat disemat ke dalam dada. Rasa terlalu pantas masa berlalu, Tahun ini HaritH akan berusia 19 tahun dan hala tuju ku masih belum bisa ditetapkan. Hampir semua rakan seperjuanganku sudah menetapkan matlamat hidup mereka untuk menjadi sesuatu yang mampu dibanggakan. Aku masih disini, seperti si buta yang mencari cahaya. Cahaya yang mampu menerangi sepanjang hidupnya. Dimanakah cahayaku? Pelbagai jenis racun yang menghinggap di fikiranku. Minda yang baru merasai sesuatu yang baru diracuni pelbagai idea. Racun yang disuntik merupakan racun yang nyata. Adakah aku hidup pada dunia fantasi kosongku? Aku seorang manusia yang lemah, sering takut akan risiko. Takut akan penyesalan akan datang, namun usahaku seperti mencurah air ke daun keladi. Usaha yang tiada impaknya. Silapkah langkahku, haruskah aku meneruskan dunia yang masih aku diami? Timbul bibit penyesalan dalam langkahku, namun aku juga tak ingin mengorbankan masaku. Kerana masa lebih mahal dari emas dan permata kerana ada pasang surut pada harganya. Namun, tiada harga untuk masa kerana tiada cara untuk kembali ke hari semalam. Manusia sekeliling akan mengatakan aku beremosi apabila membuka kisah sebegini ketika tahun baru. Padahal, inilah masanya untuk kita membuka minda kita seluasnya untuk memperbaiki perkara yang berkarat sepanjang tahunnya. Pabila tahun baru menghinggap dalam kehidupan seseorang, akan timbul persoalan tentang azam yang ingin dilaksanakan dalam wadah 2010. Terlaksanakah azam yang disebut dan dibanggakan? Bagaimana masa lalu? berjayakah dengan azam yang menggunung tinggi. Pusingan bumi kian pantas dan perjalanan hidup kian berubah. Aku masih disini, di situasi yang mengelirukan ini. Pangkat diberi, tanggungjawab dibebankan. Bahu yang memikul menyembah bumi, mencecah tanah yang berlumpur. Bersediakah aku mengharunginya? Jika diberi pada yang lain, dimana masa untukku? Jika ku endahkan peluang ini adakah peluang lain untukku? Inikah dilema? Selama ini, aku sering ingin menjadi dewasa dan "indipendent". Itu yang ku tanam dalam mindaku. Namun aku tidak menyedari akan kekosongan yang bersama sepanjang usahaku. Keluhan demi keluhan aku luahkan, apakah yang ku dapat dari keluhan. Sudah sampai masanya aku mencuba sebuah perubahan atau aku teruskan sesuatu yang biasa kepada luar biasa. Risiko adalah sahabat pada perubahan dan tekanan akan menjadi sahabatku. Aku memohon pada Tuhan maha kuasa, berikanlah aku kuasa untuk mengharunginya. Aku manusia yang tidak akan puas akan sesuatu, sentiasa dahagakan kepuasan yang abadi. Sakit memikirkan sesuatu, perit lagi mengalami sesuatu. Biarlah ianya menjadi titik hitam yang lampau kerana disitu terletaknya pengalamanku. Ku akhiri semuanya dengan sebuah harapan, harapan baru pada suasana yang baru. Doakanlah perjalananku, perjalanan baru yang bakal aku pilih dan mengubah dunia hitamku. Ini bukan luahan atau keluhan, ini adalah titik hitamku.