on June 30, 2010
Hurm... dunno where to start hehe..
ok I'll start by giving thanks to Allah for sending back my beloved Abah safely from PARIS to MALAYSIA huhu... yeah, he already back from Paris and he also cheated on us by saying that he will be back to Malaysia at 1/7/2010 but suprisingly he arrived to Malaysia at 27 of June and make everyone in this house shock.

 Goodbye Eiffel Tower and Hello KL Tower lol!

The time that my father arrived in front of our gate, I'm still sleeping heavenly cause it's sunday :P and sunday means relax day and wake up late than the usual haha... When Abah give his salam from outside, Ibu started to shout "Bangun semua, Abah dah balik" but me said, "Please ibu harini ahad" lol.. But ibu keep shouting to all her children and I feel like Ibu is telling the truth so I wake up as fast as I can and ergh she's right haha....
Anak2 abah yang disayangi all woke up and with our sleepy face and my lil sister said, "tengah mimpi ke ni". I ask her to pinch her hand and yes it's not a dream haha...
Ok after that great shock abah start his bla3 because wake up late in the morning, the aquarium turns to green,etc3 haha... everyone hear it and no one was angry for it haha...Probably miss his voice :P
When he step his foot inside the house he opened up his bagage and wow I loike lol!..
Souveniers, chocolates, shirts and another thing that Abah suprised us is his new phone.
He slowly open up his small sling bag and said " Jangan marah ye" and show us his new iPhone 3GS 16GB.

iPhone is one of his dream phone and he is excellently happy with his new gadget :D

Me at that time juz aaarrrggghhhh!!! and laugh because he ask me to install some apps, etc. Cause he dont have any idea how to operate that phone 100%, same goes to me. So blur cause Apple always make something different than the other competitor. WTH an expensive phone dont have videocall but that is how they play their strategy on making the others afraid of iPhone.

Ok enough about Abah and thank god that he safely landed to Malaysia and safely home.
Next is about me and my mid year exam, I got 2.59 pointer only (Extremely sad).
Based on my slip, my March paper had 2.59 to so no improvement haish...
The worst thing doesnt stop there, because mid year exams means there will be report card day.
I never like this report card day cause parents will come to school and if the teachers hate you she will pay his/her revenge at the report card day haha...

 Report card day on 29th June 2010

Thank god, not a single teachers make me as their enemy lol..
At first, I dont want my parent to come and take the report card because the results was kinda awful huhu...
But I dunno why, all of sudden I message Ibu and ask her to come. So she come with Abah after took my brother's report card which is worster than me :P. Ok the time Abah and Ibu had their talk with Cikgu Laily, OMG I need an oxygen tank cause she starts attacking me but it's something that is not me. Aiyooo lain cite ni hehe.. after that she starts talking about Malays, about History and starts talking something that is kinda nonsense. I'm not blaming her for doing that cause she was not the one who teach me. She did her best on explaining eventhough it's different from me haha... Abah said, you are the only person who will decorate your life and thanks Abah on supporting me eventhough I think I already took the wrong path but hey, if you do your best it might happen to be great(optimistik kekdahnya) hehe...

Next, STPM is coming so near and I dont think my d'Pioneerz family is preparing for their STPM.
I think I need to play my role as the leader for them on making an impact so we all will be motivated. Pray to god so I have the idea and the power to do it. Amin.

Oklah malas nak sambung dah hehe...
btw, I think my english is improving day by day (improve la sangat)