on November 8, 2010
It's startin to happen again, but this time I realise it before its happening.
Eventhough it's coming near me but, I think I still have time to plan, just to make sure I'm ready and invicible from it.
Eventhough all clues have been appeared in front of me,
I tried so hard to be an optimist cause the word of "SAYANG".
Because of this word I tried my best for not be me and learn to be others and make them as comfy as possible.
I 'm losing my skills on manipulating people and situations,
juz because I dont wanna judge anybody.
Sacrifice many things in life to make a happy environment and strong bond among us.
But the strings is slowly broken and it shows that sayonara will be the next thing to happen.
Well be prepared HaritH, life is not always like the way that u plan.
Take every experience from the past and learn every single of it. Insya-Allah...