on September 11, 2011
Bon apetit<>Selamat Menjamu Selera

on February 26, 2011
This past few days makes me sit down and think back about this glorious word "Achievement".
Everybody's in this world knows the meaning of achievement rite?
Well firstly, what is the meaning of achievement to you?
Does it means the results of what you have done for?
Or does it mean achievement is like a piece of thin paper that shows a certification of your work?
Also, does it mean an achievement is just something to make you as proud as a peacock?
I'm nearly to 20 years old, I asking myself how much did I achieved?
How about you? have you count your own achievement?
My answer is I'm a failure rather than a winner.
Since I'm a kid, I think I am a winner and forever a winner. But things never done with my plans or ideas.
Sometimes it makes me think, am I starting to become one of the junk to the community.
Peoples around me already in the process to make their names to the world by doing a lot of things that can be name as achievement. But here I am in the middle of the community just working for a company which is not stable and can get a pink slip when the times come. Then where is my path?
I'm stuck, my STPM results is one point of failure in my life. Even my own life that I live with, is something that I cant be proud of. I look around and see people who's working after their SPM and people who further their studies. They have a better life, better than me eventhough people will say my life is better than the others. Am I not being thankful for what I have or I want to have something better? At this point I'm clueless, to clueless until theres no word to describes it. People around me and you if they see this kind of post will just say be an optimist, there's still have a chance, you're still young enjoy it, and all those craps that even they cant make it happen is not a booster to me. Rite now I'm an actor without a script or a director without his crew. I'm lose and lost. Two word with one explaination. Living with pain but no gains.Whatever, I'm done writing......
on February 6, 2011
There's a lot of thing that I would like to write everyday actually, but when I enter this blogspot there's nothing to write. It's like a person with amnesia. But the Amnesia will come when you enter to blogspot ONLY. Silly me :P
 Maybe I'll be back later to write something. Ok bye......
on January 24, 2011
Happy new year.... I think
It's another year and I'll be officially 20 by 23rd of november I want big big present on my birthday, please take note on this small font note LOL
20 is a big number and its a start for me from a teenager to an adult.... well actually, I think a youth would be better to hear_(^.^)_

BTW,  I felt sorry to my blog. Sorry blog I didnt have much time to visit you. I did promise to make a review for my lovely ARENA but because of my commitment to plenty of things. I have to left you alone, lonely without me writing something on you. Sorry :( I promise I'll spare some time, at least once a week just for you.
I want to say my thanks to a couple of followers who follows my blog but if u read this post please let me know your blog link. Because I didnt have any idea where can I have the links (-.-')

Enough about me neglecting my own blog for some time (-.-")
Well I do did some improving myself thing on 2011 so called "AZAM" :P
Like everyone always says annually when it comes to new year. I want to be better than last year, lame isnt it? But I also in the same boat like the others. So I think this lame quote still relevant to use.

 So, school days are over for me. The word expired is suitable in this situation LOL.
Right now, I'm waiting for my STPM results which is release from it's oven around March or something.
Which means, I'll have about 7-8 month of holidays without worrying about homework and all sort of school stuff. Yippeeee.......
Most people at this situation will search for jobs to fill up their time or some of them are just sitting at home waiting for STPM results come out. Well I did went for an interview and Hooray for me because I got the job and the basic salary was kinda big but the commitment to the job is woooo to stressful. I work as a Credit Recovery Officer and dont ask me to describe what it is. By 23rd of January, Its a month for me for becoming the Credit Recovery Officer :D

Hurm for no reason, suddenly I'm blanked when I'm writing this because I dont have any idea what to write.
So I think we will meet again on next post because tomorrow I have to work and need to do overtime  for a week. So see u again and have a nice day.
Sorry if this post is kinda boring, but thanks for visiting.
Please leave your links so I can visit your blog to. (^.^)